Covid-19 World Rescue & Prosperity Plan 7/4/2020 

Technological Salvation Blueprint

Covid-19 World Rescue & Prosperity Plan 7/4/2020


Avoid death, get rich, and become superhuman with no limitations.

Technological Salvation is the only path available to avoid death, get rich, and become superhuman with no limitations. 


"Become a Utopia Citizen and live in a Technological Fortress to avoid death, become rich, and receive 100% protection from the life you live now."  Larry Bluford Sr

INTERSTELLAR MISSION:  I created God Science to deliver Technological Salvation to Utopia Citizens by building a Technological Fortress around them named Utopia Interstellar so they can become rich and avoid death.

NOTICE:  We're in this together because if Technological Salvation Blueprints don't succeed you won't have a chance to become rich and avoid death.

First I need $10,000 for the IEO Incubator Program and then $1,000,000 to prepare for and conduct the Utopia IEO Sale on July 4th 2020.

By buying your own personal Technological Salvation Blueprint for $100 you increase the chances of you and your family becoming wealthy and to be able to live together forever. 

Those who get in will be family loved and protected and those who don't will get left behind and be on their own. 

Get Your Salvation Blueprint in 30 Minutes And See Your Living Future.


I created God Science to deliver physical salvation to mankind, but If you believe in a spiritual God I'm not telling you to denounce or reject your God's salvation.  I'm saying to embrace both and give yourself a second chance to be saved and a second path to salvation.

Believe in both so you'll have a chance to gain God's spiritual salvation and the Technological Salvation of God Science. 

In one hour God Science can generate a Technological Salvation Blueprint for anyone, no matter who they are, and regardless of what their situation is, so they can gain wealth and avoid death.

From a prisoner in solitary confinement to the President of The United States, to businesses, and governments everywhere, possessing a salvation blueprint is a game changer.  Everyone must get and execute their unique salvation blueprint if they want to survive, prosper, and be happy forever. 

I have created a future for you so you now have two futures, an inevitable future and a potential future.  You must choose.

I'm Larry Bluford Sr, Self Preservation Technology researcher and a technological fortune teller and I know both your futures.

Now there's two ways your life can proceed and end, one good and one bad, and I know them both.  My ability to see anyone's future is new to the world.

Your Personal Scientific Salvation Blueprint is Your Portal to Eternal Happiness

See your future from A to Z revealed in your personal Technological Salvation Blueprint.

For A Limited Time Only.  

My Scientific Salvation Blueprint course will enable you make a million dollars in July 2020 and to completely "see"and understand how to make all your hopes and dreams come true.

Whether you and I activate your portal to eternal happiness or not is up to you. 

Numerical seniority will be applied, for all future benefits, services, and offers, based on the order you sign-up. 

The course becomes your Technological God that will lead you to real-time salvation.  It's the pinnacle of truth, happiness, and the end of your fears. 

I have your personal blueprint to wealth, happiness, and scientific salvation in my master course.  I will reveal how it's yours and why no one else can use it but you.  You'll become nice, wealthy, happy, and free.

Depressed about, or scared of something?  Call me and leave your name and number.  707-384-4120 


I will teach you my Scientific Salvation Blueprint Course and at completion you will have an organic choice to continue living your present life, or live within your Scientific Salvation Blueprint the rest of your life.

If you start studying with me you'll never go back.  I'm just telling you how it is and what will happen.  It's beyond anything you can imagine.  You'll see.

And just like that you now have two life choices:  (Before you read this you had no choice but sure death.)


#1 Choice.  Live a completely "random life" as you do now, or


#2  Choice:  Learn my Scientific Salvation Blueprint master course that will reveal secrets and techniques to make you one of the smartest, and wealthiest people in the world who can travel anywhere in an instant, never get sick, and can live forever in perfect health if you choose to.

It's a choice of Eternal Life or Sure Death. 

Everyone has one, find yours.  Without knowing your personal Scientific Salvation Blueprint you'll remain lost, confused, and continue to wander aimlessly until you die.  Just waking up and going back to sleep until you die.

We will study your future of eternal health, wealth, and happiness in real-time that can be your reality but you have to "Live It To Get It".  I'll show you how to do that.


Every person, business, and government has a Scientific Salvation Blueprint that reveals how to live a happy and rich life forever without having to face suffering and death.

Find out what your personal Technological Salvation Blueprint is to be happier, more secure, and end all your fears.

For individuals, groups, businesses, and governments worldwide.

To sign-up call:  707-384-4120


Learn the secret to life.  Know your future.  Learn all the good and wonderful things that can happen to you.  Control your life.  Lose all fear.

Take the greatest training in the world with Larry Bluford Sr to discover your personal, Scientific Salvation Blueprint.

Everyone has one and you must know yours to be happy, become wealthy, and to avoid death.

God Science is a "Miracle of My Imagination".  Years of study, hard work, and research created my imagination and my imagination created God Science.  No college degree was required to create a new science.

Everyone has a unique Salvation Blueprint and it's yours and yours alone and it will go to waste if you don't use it.  You Must Live It To Get It.

Knowing your blueprint will allow you to access it.  A password is unnecessary because your blueprint will become a natural part of you.

Live your current life with guaranteed death or live in Utopia Interstellar with guaranteed life.